ERP systems have a variety of functions

ERP systems have a variety of functions, the different departments in the company, such as a system to integrate the various departments can share resources, avoid process duplication and waste of resources, purchasing, warehouse, accounting, while management also through this systemunderstanding of the operation of the various departments of the company, a clearer picture of the company’s operations.
Implementation of ERP systems, enterprise encountered “a lot of time management problem is too much inventory, can not do the” flow of goods “As a result, most of the money is spent on procurement to pay the warehouse rent items such cost increases liquidity relative reduction. “ERP system just a thorough understanding of the operation of the company, financial, human resources and other issues, to let users save costs while also the resources to open up the market, he said. Yate Lance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., within six months after the 2002 introduction of the ERP system, we will save 500 million cost. The business risk is generally from four aspects: business processes, application architecture, data quality and technical architecture. Among them, the largest changes in business processes of internal control, internal management and financial monitoring proposed new requirements, and risk characteristics than in the past been a fundamental change. For example, in the ERP system, the machine processing of manual processes, such as the approval process automation to further enhance the efficiency to complete a variety of business processes. However, in the new service execution environment, approval process automation method will change some of the risk characteristics of the original internal, when the internal control system will need to re-evaluate and design.